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BIS - The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has the stated aim of generating wealth for everyone in the UK by helping people and businesses to become more productive and more successful. It is responsible for the National Measurement System, which provides world-class measurement standards and calibration facilities to the UK. These enable UK businesses and public authorities to make accurate measurements that are nationally and internationally accepted. One supported area of expertise relevant to all stages of the materials life cycle is Materials Measurement.
ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, part of the AEA Technology group, is a 160-strong consulting business based in the United Kingdom. Projects are undertaken worldwide in plant integrity, life assessment, machinery problems, failure investigation and performance improvement. These projects focus our key skills in mechanical engineering, materials science, process engineering and analysis.
MERL Ltd. provides laboratory based research and development testing and consulting services specialising in elastomers, thermoplastics, adhesive and fibre reinforced composites. It is an independent British company founded in 1986 by a group of scientists and engineers.
Rapra Technology Ltd. provides comprehensive consultancy, technology and information services for the polymer industry and industries using plastics and rubber in any component, product or production process.
The National Physical Laboratory is the United Kingdom's national standards laboratory. We operate at the heart of an infrastructure designed to ensure accuracy and consistency in every physical measurement made in the UK. Chains of traceability link UK companies' measurements directly to primary national standards at NPL: the ultimate reference points for accuracy in UK manufacturing.
QinetiQ Ltd is Europe's largest science and technology organisation. With an incomparable base of scientific expertise and experience we create competitive advantage for companies large and small.
TREND 2000 Ltd. is dedicated to the development of new technology and its introduction to the market place. This is achieved through continued R&D, technology transfer and the design and commissioning of manufacturing facilities.