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About Materials Solutions

Materials Solutions provides structured answers to problems associated with:

The different tools help users find the information relevant to their need from the extensive store of knowledge generated through BIS Material Measurement research programmes. If the information does not exist, the user is put in contact with an expert.

The current site focuses on polymer composites, but extension to other classes of composites, and ultimately to all other material classes is expected. The partners in this current initiative were AEAT, MERL/RAPRA, NPL, QinetiQ, Trend 2000 Ltd with NPL responsible for the overall management.

The information on this composites site arises mainly from research supported by the Materials Measurement Programme of the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The information is supplied by contractors to BIS., from the Design of Composite Components and Composites Performance and Design research programmes. The contractors are now mainly involved in the follow-on programme, Measurements for Materials Systems covering composites, adhesives and coatings. Information is also obtained from programmes, such as the BIS Commercial Aircraft Research and Development (CARAD), MOD, etc.